Converse canvas shoes maintenance skills

1 vulcanized Converse Running Shoes can not do strenuous exercise, not with blisters, Converse shoes are vulcanized shoes, with the blisters will unglued. Only wet, use a toothbrush dipped a little detergent used, smear dirt at lightly, then rinse with water, and then try to throw water on the upper, and then wrapped in white tissue paper shoe body dry.

2 faded white canvas shoes are not afraid of anything, I'm afraid to turn yellow after washing.

The edge of the white canvas shoes easy to turn yellow because of the chemical composition of residual detergent and water, a little rust residues, so wash it, and use other decontamination supplies. Conventional detergent can be used.

Cleaning, you can add a little salt in the water, after a good wash, rinse detergent must take, then, as drying, in order to prevent the event, and then cover the upper toilet paper, so take the sun, will remain for a long time are very white.

3 Converse High Tops canvas shoes after washing in the shade, must not be in direct exposure to sunlight, canvas shoes, not cleaning fierce brush, force should be uniform, can not do it with the washing machine. Drying and cleaning are required when inverted, white Converse for drying can be wrapped in white tissue paper, dry and peel off white shoes can be maintained, is not easy to yellow.

1) After cleaning up the shade to dry naturally. Do not let the sun, prolonged sun exposure or release high temperatures baking. Prevent withdrawal glue or unglued. Accelerated aging.

2) non-professional work Converse Jack Purcell do not and acid. Base. Salt and other chemical substances. To protect against corrosion degumming deformation

3) should be gentle when cleaning a strong uniform. Can not be forced fierce brush. In order to avoid short-term. Or body brush shoe designs and decorative components.

4) Avoid contact with sharp objects and sharp. To prevent scratches cut through upper shoe body.

5) than for white canvas Converse Sneakers. Do not clean with carbon ink and other items hard to touch. This color canvas shoes clean after. In the upper. Shoes are coated with toothpaste. Or white chalk powder. Attention should be uniform. Later dry. Can prevent discoloration. Or find two clean white paper kept in the shoe body surface / dry tear. Can change color.

6) shoes have appeared disconnected. Dropped. Or decorative component loosening small problems should be promptly repaired. To extend its service life.

7) For the Khan foot heavy friend. In the shoes in the shoes first before dispensing vinegar. Can reduce the odor. Another canvas shoes should be regularly cleaned. Prevent mildew smell.

8) Do not use the washing machine. Some people think that canvas shoes bending. Prices are low. Too lazy to hand wash. I do not know shoes are cooked pieces of upholstery and shoe body is not the same. Use the washing machine off easily fade.

Also take the opportunity to also give you some small way to remove stains:

1 rust - Lemon: first cut lemon, squeeze juice repeatedly wipe dirt at the rust, put five minutes to fully react, and then detergent cleaning, traces will disappear.

2 blood - salt water / carrot: James bloodstained clothes immediately with cold water. First immersed in salt water for a while, or mashed carrots mixed with salt, scrub blood, also effective.

3 pen grunge - Toothpaste / Alcohol: You can put some toothpaste in stains or soap and gently rub a small amount, if any, traces can be removed with alcohol. Never use gasoline scrub.

4 ink stains - Rice / toothpaste: While the ink is dry before washing with water, then rub with detergent and rice grains, remnants use toothpaste, soap.

5. Juice - Salt Water: new stained juice, sprinkle some salt in stains, water applied to dissolve after some time immersed in soapy water to wash.

6 perspiration - brine: 3% salt solution soak for 3-4 hours, then washed with water using soap. Not prevent perspiration in hot water coagulation of proteins into insoluble substances.


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