Converse shoes development process

Converse-outlet is a relatively old brand, Converse official website for everyone to bring the development processIn 1908, the United States Moore. Converse in Springfield, Massachusetts established a professional production of basketball shoes, Converse ALL STAR so he was born.

Converse shoes in 1917 and officially launched in 1923 in order to have the athleticism and eloquence of the basketball star chuck.Cheap Converse Women shoes Taylor (Chuck Taylor will be) a famous trademark Converse handwritten signature. Set of retro, pop, green canvas shoes in one, is the spiritual symbol of American culture, with its arbitrary, free form of dress is not binding, stylish young people to pursue selfsport of suitfaithful position.

Its attractive appearance and innovative concept of environmental protection in the world, Converse, has sold more than 7 million pairs, 16.7 million pairs, is a concept? Means that 12% of the world's people have had Converse shoes; meant to so many people across the United States Converse shoes, Converse classic casual shoes. Converse All Star series launched basketball shoes, led the entire shoe industry revolution. Once, in the past century,Cheap Converse Leather Shoes we see the efforts of Fushi traces of Converse, Converse All Star Basketball is committed to basketball shoes and the emerging popularity of basketball in the country and the world Converse, McDonald's, Pepsi, Harleydiscount clothingDavidson motorcycle cars, like the symbol of the spirit of American culture.

CONVERSE ALL STAR Chuck Taylor Converse Converse canvas shoes lead the trend. Converse All Star canvas shoes has foot rediscount clothingusing code density, texture best canvas, bilateral treaties, native rubber mesh refinement,Converse Leather Shoes durable, and everdiscount clothingchanging emphasized natural materials and environmentally friendly concept, known as shoes. I like all kinds of shoes, I also have a lot of shoes, I think shoes can represent a person's personal taste, a man's belt and tie. I like to play basketball, for this reason, my shoes are shoes.Basketball basketball shoes are very comfortable, but it may not be suitable everywhere, for example, you know, you have to wear a shoe with a formal occasion dress uniform , that is very important, so if you want to coordinate your clothes well, you must have vareity shoes coordinate your clothes. CONVERSE Converse canvas shoes, brand launches and American street brand X-LARGE cooperation canvas shoes. This series join and more classic colors, comfortable material even more engaging and texture. This series of "Star Arrow" Chevron & Star of topics, including XL CX-250 SU OX, XL Chevronstar Nubuck Hi, XL Chevronstar CK Mid, XL Pro-Leather Suede DB OX, and XL Pro-Leather Suede ML Hi and other styles.

Go to Shanghai recorded songs, before taking the time to go back to Hangzhou, a friend recommended a tide shop look at shoes.

I usually dress more casual, do not pay attention to a particular brand, but the shoes has a unique love. Almost as long as life is not high heels, riding is certainly Converse shoes.

So mind telling me in Shanghai have to sell this limited edition Converse shoes after a burst of excitement, the shop owner is also very professional, very productive in limited time.

Unfortunately, the limited edition number is incomplete, my feet can wear relatively small yard, or receiving certain more. Estimates are no longer a pair of shoes a year! My Converse shoes on, the red and white pair, saying it was not even the Japanese have had to sell it, left! In fact, quite like graffiti shoes, but I wear the comparison of life factors, are not accustomed to. However, the boss and the heart that makes me slowly changing


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