converse appreciate hand-painted shoes

Painted canvas Converse All Star Black shoes, Converse control are undoubtedly many great love. Hand-painted shoes is a kind of pure hand-drawn designs of fashion canvas shoes, wash fade, bright colors, clean, with a distinctive artistic features and personality value. Can mix and match shorts, skirts, jeans, casual patterns and text drawn in a simple canvas shoes, enough room only flow of color, both full of artistic charm, and unique personality fashion, no matter where walkways are unique! Piercing your own unique personality ~

With "shock to Heaven" to describe the feeling I have seen these shoes a bit exaggerated, but the first time I saw the Cheap Converse Sneakers when it gave me a little something more to say wallop.

Acquisition of athletic footwear market, that is, two big things, one is the nike acquired Converse, an acquisition of adidas reebok. Since the acquisition, then that is to make money, adidas nba by and large contracts in the North American market to do nba basketball equipment cooperative official apparel brand in the history of extreme, then the Cheap Converse Sneakers nike acquire it, to see how the fire now know Jack Purcell the. "Prison Break," which actor who played her brother's what they called Purcell, almost all of the roles in this drama I do not know what the real name, except that his brother, remember that it is because Jack Purcell. Two large companies after the acquisition of the other two sub-brands, are as extraordinary, but feels the acquisition of Reebok by adidas in the adidas itself in developing markets, nike acquisition Cheap Converse Chuck Taylors converse more is to rely on the kind of more popular the price of the canvas shoes to occupy a slightly low-end market.

Sneaker how the market, but meat eaters seek it, we just let us give a brief commentary. Here begins tricky to say the shoe.

The list of old Converse sneakers many miraculous name, first, All-Star, this pair of shoe, Converse Yao belongs only to meet unexpectedly anxiety gray canvas shoes have already bought 100 years, the length of time Compare exciting, and the current level of income is more shocking welcome, and in the air force 1 and superstar such mainstream retro shoes hit the market, when life and death, all-star canvas shoes but quietly Extraordinaire lakes, regardless of wind and rain, allstar canvas shoes is always the largest shipments that paragraph shoes. Second, Jack Purcell. This once shook the moment badminton player basically nothing left, if not a hard turn converse of history, may essentially disappear forever Jack Purcell in the course of history, and was resurrected so that the shoes converse over, only a small My life is good, but also often a little gluttonous banquet prepared, also the two-year period, Jack Purcell became converse allstar outside in another very strong product line, and a great take allstar Instead is suspect. Third, Weapon. This pair of shoes in front of two pairs of shoes compared to what, huh, a little difference is something there, but still have to talk about. And the former two pairs of shoes compared to the ancient, Weapon is quite modern basketball shoes, when the spokesperson Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, it is interesting that Bryant and adidas contract termination, actually through this double Weapon, and then the magician that pair of shoes is basically no difference. converse about once in two or three years to re-bubbling out over these shoes, but may be due to the same kind of shoes are more than in the previous two pairs of shoes and the lack of historical precipitation, so the comeback was not very successful, and now I also put in hand a pair of Lakers color of the Weapon, to be a superstar of that era face it.


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